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Dental Therapist Natasha Joshi

Natasha qualified from Cardiff University in 2016 with a First-Class honours in Dental Hygiene & Therapy, and has since worked in various practices within London. Upon completing her BSc, Natasha was awarded with the Dental Therapy & Hygiene programme prize for excellence, Research prize and the British Society for Restorative Dentistry undergraduate prize.

Natasha works with her patients offering tailored treatment and advice to maintain optimal dental health.  Her passion lies in oral health education and preventative health care. Using her degree in Psychology, Natasha’s approach includes treating the patient as a whole to achieve an overall healthy body and mind.

Natasha’s empathic, caring, and friendly nature helps ease particularly anxious patients and children. Her engaging and enthusiastic personality motivates patients to keep up with good health habits at home.

Natasha ensures she is up to date with the most recent research in her field, to which she attends continued professional education courses. This supports her current clinical role in treating and managing Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease). Additionally, she has contributed to the British Society of Dental Hygiene & Therapy with her published work.

Natasha continues to utilise her dental skills outside of the practice by offering dental education at schools and working alongside dental charities. This includes travelling abroad to offer basic dental care and education to those in need.

Outside of work Natasha enjoys keeping active, particularly through spinning, yoga and partaking in obstacle course races. She is a trained Kathak dancer, an avid reader and is a keen traveller always eager to explore and embark on her next cultural adventure.


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