Hygiene & Cleaning

Hygiene & Cleaning

Hygiene treatments and cleaning services are a fantastic wad to remove stubborn stains and keep your breath fresh. Regular visits will help keep your gums healthy.

Benefits of regular hygiene visits

✓ Prevent gum inflammation

✓ Remove stains and freshen breath

✓ Advice on cleaning the surfaces and between your teeth

✓ Prevent long term problems

What to expect

Our highly skilled hygienist will remove plaque and tartar built up on the surfaces of your teeth, as well as cleaning hard-to-reach areas between your teeth and under your gums. They will formulate an oral hygiene routine tailored specifically to your mouth so you can prevent future problems.

A range of options

We offer a range of options to suit your needs including, regular hygiene appointments. treatment for gum disease. stain removal, teeth whitening.


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