Replace Missing Teeth

Replace Missing Teeth

We understand that losing a tooth can affect your confidence as well as your ability to eat properly.

Losing a tooth can also cause other teeth to move or tilt, which can affect your bite and put excess force on other teeth.

Benefits to Replacing Missing Teeth

✓ Maintain function so you can enjoy eating

✓ Keep your smile looking great

✓ Prevent long term effects like tooth movement and bone loss.

There are three ways to replace missing teeth – dentures, bridges and implants.


Dentures replace missing teeth. They are worn during the day and removed at night and for cleaning. If your dentures are ill-fitting or you would prefer to have a fixed option which you do not need to remove, we can consider a bridge or implant.


A bridge is a fixed replacement option, where a false tooth is supported by one or two of your natural teeth. This may require removal of some healthy tooth structure.


An implant is a fixed option which does not cause any damage to your natural teeth.

Which is the Best Option For Me?

The choice that is right for you will depend on a number of factors including the health of your existing teeth and the amount of bone you have.

Once we have carried out a comprehensive oral health check, we will be able to discuss all the suitable options available to you and put together a bespoke treatment plan.


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