Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover

The smile is one of the first things we notice about someone and can have a major impact on our own self-confidence. If you are conscious about your smile or find yourself hiding your teeth in photographs. we can help you!

Benefits to Improving your Smile

✓ Be confident socialising with people

✓ Smile in photographs

✓ Feel better in yourself

Our smile makeover starts with a consultation appointment where we discuss your concerns. Often, photographs are taken from different angles so we can do a thorough smile analysis.

A smile makeover often uses a combination of treatments which could including whitening. veneers. composite bonding and crowns.

Trial Smile

Whenever possible we will use a temporary material on your teeth to give you an idea on how your new smile will look.

We will make sure you’re completely happy with the shape, size and overall appearance of the teeth so you are fully confident with the treatment you are having.


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