Treatment For Toothwear

Treatment For Toothwear

Over the years we have seen an increase in patients who grind their teeth. Often caused by stress, grinding can lead to damage to the surfaces of your teeth, headaches and joint pain.

Once the enamel is lost the body does not replace it. which is why it is so important to detect problems early and prevent further loss.

The way you bite can change to adapt to the 190hyymr but this can cause long term problems to the muscles and joints. At Feltham Dental Care, we help our patients by identifying early signs of grinding and preventing it getting any worse.

Benefits of Preventing/Treating Worn Teeth

✓ Keep your smile looking healthy

✓ Keep you bite even

✓ Preventing damage to your joints and muscles

We offer a range of treatments for tooth grinding. Wearing a mouthguard can protect your teeth from further damage.

If your toothwear is more severe we will analyse the cause. assess your joints and the way your teeth meet together and create a bespoke treatment plan to meet your needs.


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